Hardy Boys Adventures

Book 1

#1 Secret of the Red Arrow

Frank and Joe Hardy are supposedly “retired” from their detective work–but there is a new mystery in Bayport that needs their investigative magic–and fast! A series of terrifying (but ultimately harmless) pranks begin to pop up around Bayport– starting with a bank heist where Joe finds himself in the middle of the mess. It turns out to be the work of monster movie-maker Seth Diller. A student at Bayport High, Seth plans to take the zillions he will make from his stunt-reality-horror flick and send his brother Tom, a wounded Marine, to a pricey clinic in Switzerland. But despite putting a stop to Seth’s antics, various pranks continue to pop up around Bayport. Only these have very real victims. Someone is continuing the Panic Project…and it’s not Seth! After a little more investigating, the boys turn up evidence of something called “The Red Arrow,” an elusive crime gang that seems to have a hold on the community. In the most dangerous investigation they’ve ever undertaken, it’s up to Frank and Joe to save Bayport–and themselves–before the Red Arrow gets to them first.

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Book 2

#2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist

Rich girl Lindsay Peyton is throwing the biggest and best Sweet Sixteen bash that Bayport has ever seen. But her party planning is off to a bad start when Frank and Joe discover that someone has keyed her very expensive car‹an early birthday present‹and has put the mean prank up on YouView. Soon after the prank goes viral, a group calling themselves the Scaredevils begin to film themselves committing acts of violent vandalism around town. Broken windows, Dumpster fires, and more threaten the security of Lindsay’s party—and of Lindsay herself. Frank and Joe are determined to figure out who is the mastermind behind the videos before Lindsay¹s Sweet Sixteen turns into a party she will never forget . . . for all the wrong reasons.

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Book 3

#3:The Vanishing Game

Joe and Frank Hardy are attending the season’s opening night at Funspot, a local amusement park that’s been declining for years, but that recently got new owners and a facelift. Their friend Daisy’s family has everything riding on Funspot’s success: If the revamped park is a failure, her family will be broke! At first, an exhilarating new attraction is a huge hit—but when one of the riders disappears into thin air, fun and games turns into spine-tingling danger. Will the Hardy Brothers find the missing rider and restore Funspot’s reputation, or is the amusement park doomed for disaster?

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Book 4

#4: Into Thin Air

When the daughter of an amusement-park owner goes missing, it’s anything but fun and games in this Hardy Boys adventure—a new take on the classic series.

Daisy Rodriguez is missing. Just like that, gone without a trace. Her father, Hector Rodriguez—owner of Funspot, Bayport’s local amusement park—is frantic. He feels he’s to blame, since Funspot was recently the location of another disappearance. Could Daisy’s vanishing be somehow connected? Joe and Frank Hardy figured out the first Funspot mystery and are up to their necks in this one, too. Daisy doesn’t seem to have an enemy in the world; no one has a bad word to say about her. So who in Bayport wants this girl gone?

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Book 5

#5: Peril at Granite Peak

Joe and Frank’s winter break skiing holiday turns to horror in this Hardy Boys adventure—a fresh approach to a classic series.

Frank and Joe are thrilled to spend winter break hitting the slopes at the Granite Peak Lodge ski resort. What could be better than an action-packed week of skiing and snowboarding set against a scenic mountain landscape?

But their plans hit an unexpected bump when a blizzard blows in, closing the roads and leaving the boys stranded in the lodge with several others. Meanwhile, a series of deadly mishaps threatens to sabotage the resort—and the lives of its trapped guests.

First, a fellow vacationer nearly freezes solid when he’s locked out during the raging storm. Then, the lodge’s electricity is cut off, broken glass turns up in the breakfast waffles, and a resort employee is buried in a snowdrift. Who’s behind these sinister acts? Is the culprit trapped in the lodge with them? The Hardys are determined to find out—before they’re caught in an avalanche of danger.

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